One innovative pedal, three awe inspiring effects. WAHZOO™ is the most versatile wah ever. Combining the finest classic wah tones, a funk-approved Autowah, and our unique programmable Stepwah, Wahzoo delivers all the sounds you've been looking for and more! VINTAGE Delivers all the clarity and expressiveness of the classic, highly sought after, Clyde McCoy signature wah. You'll immediately notice the throw, taper, and feel to be inherently vocal and musical. AUTO Autowah mode is simply a great implementation of this classic effect. But rather than utilizing a generic bandpass filter, it's based around an outstanding vintage wah. Plus, the treadle position allows you to switch from normal to a reverse envelope. STEPWAH™ In PGM (program) mode, you create rhythmic patterns of up to 32 wah positions. Switch to STEP, and WAHZOO auto-magically steps through your sequence. You can store 4 different sequences, plus the treadle gives you real-time control of the tempo! Whether you’re looking for the ultimate wah, or want to go deep into uncharted territory, Voodoo Lab delivers versatility and tone up the WAHZOO.
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